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Care Tips For New Glasses Wearers

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When you get glasses for the first time, you'll often be preoccupied with getting used to the fit and look of them on your face. However, it's also important to make sure that you also take care of your new glasses so that they last as long as you need them to. While you'll typically get some tips from your eyecare provider at the time you buy the glasses, here are a handful of other tips that are useful to keep in mind in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Clean Them Only With The Provided Cleaning Kit

When it comes to taking care of your glasses, cleaning them thoroughly is likely something that you'll want to do every few days. This simple process will remove grease and grime and make it easier to see through your lenses, which can prevent your eyes from having to strain unnecessarily. Clean your lenses only with the provided cleaning kit that includes a specialized cleaning solution and a dust-free cloth. Using other products, such as household glass cleaner or a paper towel can risk weakening the coating on your lenses or even scratching them.

Avoid Storing Them In Your Vehicle

Some people only need to wear their glasses occasionally for activities such as driving. If you find yourself among this group, make sure that you don't leave your glasses in the vehicle. While doing so might seem convenient, the internal temperature of the vehicle on a hot day can be detrimental to the glasses. In some cases, it's possible for these extremely hot temperatures, over time, to soften the plastic arms of the glasses, which could compromise their ability to fit correctly.

Check For Loose Screws

When you buy your new glasses, you'll often be given a specialized toolkit along with a pouch that contains cleaning supplies. The screwdriver in the kit, in particular, can often come in handy. It's always a good idea to check the tiny screws that hold your glasses together. Over time, they can loosen, but you'll be able to easily tighten any loose screws with the screwdriver to prevent your glasses from falling apart.

Avoid Wearing Them On Your Head

It might be tempting to set your glasses atop your head when you don't need them, but this position can be dangerous. Not only is there the risk of the glasses slipping off your head and getting damaged, but the shape of your head can actually bend the arms or frames of the glasses, making them fit incorrectly when you need to wear them again.