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Advanced Cataract Surgery Might Be Able To Blend Your Vision

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If you're like many other older adults, you may be experiencing problems with your vision when doing things such as reading. This problem can leave you needing glasses for reading, but it may be able to be corrected with cataract surgery. The downside to this is that after cataract surgery, you may have trouble seeing things at a distance. To solve both of your problems, you may want to consider getting cataract surgery for blended vision.

What are cataracts?

One of the main reasons seniors have trouble seeing is because they develop cataracts. A cataract develops naturally and causes problems with vision. This happens when the lens in your eye begins to get cloudy. While it is hard to stop this from happening, you could opt for cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is used to remove the cloudy lens from your eye. After it is removed, it is replaced with an artificial lens. If you have cataracts in both eyes, the optometrist must perform the procedure in both of your eyes.

One of the positive aspects of cataract surgery is that it often leaves you with the ability to see things that are close, and this can be very helpful for reading. The downside is that it will not correct the distance vision problems you experience. This is because the lenses used are only able to correct one of these problems, and not both.

What is blended vision?

In advanced cataract surgery, your optometrist might be able to solve this problem by offering a way for you to see better for close things and for things that are far away, and this is called blended vision.

With blended vision, you will have the ability to see better for both purposes, and this is accomplished by the use of two different types of lenses. The lens that is placed in one of your eyes is designed to help you see better for things that are close. The lens that is placed in the other eye is to correct problems with distance vision.

When this is done, your brain will blend these two types of visions together, allowing you to see things that are both close and far away. Your brain will naturally do this, and it will not be something you will have to think about.

Getting your cataracts removed could help you see a lot better, and getting blended vision treatment might be the best option for you. To learn more, contact an optometrist and find out if you would be a good candidate for this type of cataract surgery.