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Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses For The First Time

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If you have finally decided that you want to give the glasses a break and you want to try contact lenses, you need to keep reading. It is vital that you are preparing yourself with as many tips for wearing contacts for the first time. This way, you will have as few problems as possible.

Watch The Eye Drop Usage

While you can make use of some eye drops, they have to be ones that are specifically designed for contact lenses. Regular eye drops that are meant for people without contact lenses in place, can harm your lenses. You might also end up with an eye irritation.

Throw Them Out On Time

Every type of contact lenses have an expiration date when it comes to how long you can wear them. Some contact lenses are designed to be replaced every day. Others are designed to last a few weeks of daily wear. Try to stay well aware of the type of contacts that you have and that you are replacing them as required. If you leave your contacts in for longer than prescribed, you will find that your vision might start to suffer as the contacts start to build up a layer of film. You are also much more likely to end up with a ripped contact lost under your eyelid because they are wearing thin.

Always Disinfect Your Lenses

Even though you might try to keep your hands clean, you will need to also disinfect your contact lenses each time that you remove them from your eyes. You can purchase a disinfectant solution from your eye doctor or even from your local pharmacy and department stores. Also, you must leave your contacts in a contact solution if you are not wearing them for a bit. Never use water to store your contacts in, as the water can damage the contacts.

Always Handle The Same One First

When you are removing your contact lenses, you need to make sure that you are forming a habit of removing and inserting the same one first. This is to help ensure that you never accidentally mix up your contacts and place them in the wrong eye. This is especially important for those who might have a different prescription for each eye.

With the previously mentioned tips in mind, you should have no problem making sure that you are always protecting your eyes and your contacts. Also, do not make the mistake of ignoring any other tips that you might receive from your eye care professional. The better you care for your eyes and lenses, the less trouble you will experience while wearing your new contact lenses.

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